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    november rain

    Speaking of November, I have a lot of story behind my poetry. Since 2012, I have write some poetry in my Tumblr with titled by #November. It's such a sad poetry, with deep story. My first #November is publish on November 2012.

    #November 2012

    Aku ingin lari. Lari dari tetes hujan.
    Lari dari basah. Lari untuk hati.

    Aku ingin pergi. Pergi dari teduh.
    Pergi dari cengkeraman angin. Tak kembali.

    November ini.
    November ini.
    Dan tak lagi.

    - Indra L, untukmu di bulan ini, dan terakhir kali.

    In that poetry, I have to let go someone, who I desire to become my partner in life. The message is I want to tell her, "I'm move on".

    Now, let's go the next year. I don't want to talk more about that because my wife watching this. In November 2013 I got a little problem with "LIFE". I don't remember exactly what happen but here it is.

    #November 2013

    Aku ingin hidup.
    Hidup dari hujan.
    Hidup untuk awan.

    Aku ingin bangun.
    Bangun dari hidup.
    Bangun untuk terlelap.

    Aku ingin hidup.
    Aku ingin terbangun.
    November ini.

    On 2014, I got my #November not published. It was published on 2015 a long side behind #November 2015. The things is I met someone. On that year, I still border my heart not to open close enough. I'm look like an eagle that desire to flying free and higher.

    #November 2014

    Aku ingin terbang.
    Terbang seperti awan.
    Terbang untuk hujan.

    Aku ingin melayang.
    Jauh seperti kemaren.
    Jauh untuk esok.

    Aku ingin terbang.
    Aku ingin melayang.
    Habis sudah dan tumbang.

    2015 is more under control. My emosional got control enough. Yeah! Its true. There is no more poetry about sad story or about love problems. Because I have a partner in my life. I'm starting a new happy ever after. But, the thing is, we still face the life - real life you know. And on #November 2015 I'm thinking to move on from my comfort zone.

    #November 2015

    Aku ingin melangkah
    Setapak dari persimpangan
    Setapak untuk perhentian

    Aku ingin berhenti
    Sejenak dari gaduh
    Sejenak untuk suara

    Aku ingin melangkah
    Aku ingin menepi

    Sejenak saja
    Sebelum lebih dalam
    Sebelum kembali datang

    - Indra L, dari zona yang mematikan

    Now, here we go. November 2016. What exactly I'm doing? I still have 7 days to find out. See you and thanks for reading this blog.
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